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Our contracts are based on the idea that a happy vendor makes for the best partner. Watch your products sell on Farmart and grow your business with every sale.

About Vendor Program.

Farmart E-Commerce gives you a chance to quickly and easily find the phone you want and have it delivered to your home in no time, regardless of your location, as long as it is in one of the countries of the EU.
When a company is in the business of selling large equipment or technology to businesses, often purchasing through cash is difficult. But the customer might not really be interested in taking a loan and going through all the hassle in order to make that purchase. In such a case, the company provides financial support to the customer through a vendor program like paying in instalments. In a vendor leasing program, the company is effectively buying its own products at that point of time and still increasing its sales.

Easy To Getting Started.

Whether it’s beginning an exercise program, getting going with a task you want to complete, or creating a new business or product from scratch how do you get started? It’s one of the most intimidating things. It’s the lack of starting that kills most tasks and projects.

Success Stories.

Every member of the Farmart team knows that this is more than a job; this mission is essential to our survival because agritech has presented us with a unique opportunity and the possibility to achieve global food security.

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Frequently Asked Questions.

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